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Specialist fitters for large cup, mastectomy and maternity bras

Nocturnal Designs are Sydney’s leading lingerie stylists. We specialise in fitting large cup bras, mastectomy bras and breast forms, and maternity bras.

Why not let our expert bra fitters will help you find the perfect fit – you will notice the difference when you are professionally fitted.

› Large cup bras for the fuller figure – cup sizes D to M, back sizes 6 to 26.

› Mastectomy bras and breast prosthesis.

› Breast augmentation bras.

› Maternity bras.

A poorly fitting bra can be a health risk

An ill fitting bra can be a pain in the neck

Buying bras online is so convenient but if you don’t get your size right your bra can cause neck and back pain, poor posture and possible breast tissue damage.

Why not take advantage of our bra fitting service. Our experienced bra fitters are highly skilled and will style and fit you in minutes. No need to put up with uncomfortable ill fitting bras, be expertly fitted at Nocturnal Designs.

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Phone 02 9518 3355

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